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WPDI’s Peacebuilding Efforts in South Sudan

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Our firm represents WPDI in its peacebuilding activities around the world. Founded by artist and philanthropist Forest Whitaker, the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative helps communities in conflict areas through peace-building initiatives.

An area on which WPDI has been focused is South Sudan. Perhaps known best for the violence arising from ethnic divisions, it is less well known that South Sudan is home to between 8 and 12 million people.

WPDI’s role in the region is to work with youth in an effort to mitigate the violence and promote peace activities. Often this includes capacity-building on a personal level and sustainable development on a community level. On February 1 WPDI announced a new project. It has recruited two youths from each of the 78 “payams” (sub-county areas of about 25,000 people each) of the Eastern Equatorial State to join WPDI’s “Youth Peacemaker Network.”

WPDI will “train and lead this new cadre of 156 youths in designing community-building projects throughout the state that will promote peace and sustainable development.” WPDI’s work is fascinating and quite broad-based. If you are interested in learning more about this new project and its intended goals, see WPDI’s article, “New Milestones for the Youth Peacemaker Network in South Sudan.”

Congratulations to WPDI on this new development in its Youth Peacemaker Network program. We encourage you to contribute to WPDI.