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Hot News: PwC Reports that Cable Customers Are Price and Value Sensitive

Posted in Technology

Not surprisingly, consumers believe that cable fees are excessive. Customers say that cable service is too expensive, complaining about both the service fees and the set-top box fees. Many customers are demanding “skinnier” content packages, aimed more at their particular interests. Others desire to cut the cord completely, while the next generation of consumers are… Continue Reading

FCC Approves Lawn Robots

Posted in FCC, Technology

With a gleeful nod to all 15-year-old boys out there, yesterday the FCC approved the first lawn robot. The manufacturer —iRobot—claims that this Roomba-for-the-Yard device “has the potential for reducing deaths and injuries, reducing emissions and noise pollution, and improving quality of life related to residential lawn mowing.” Frankly, given our own shaky experiences with… Continue Reading

Chadbourne Client Savi Technology Wins Global Award for Sensor Technology and Analytics

Posted in Technology

Yesterday Frost & Sullivan announced its 2015 global Best Practices Awards. The Awards honor “companies that are predicted to provide significant growth in their industries, have identified emerging trends, or have created advanced technologies that will catalyze and transform industries in the near future.” Chadbourne client, Savi Technology, which is a pioneer in sensor technology… Continue Reading

New York State Set To Examine Bank Cybersecurity Policies

Posted in Administrative Law, Finance, Privacy and Data Security, Technology

The New York State Department of Financial Service’s Banking Division supervises nearly 1,900 banking and other financial institutions with assets of more than US$2.9 trillion. On December 10th, Benjamin Lawsky, the Department Superintendent released a guidance letter outlining the Department’s plan to expand cybersecurity examination procedures of regulated institutions to focus more attention on cybersecurity. The… Continue Reading

Update–Software as Crime: Federal Prosecutors Determine that Software Can Violate the WireTap Act

Posted in Privacy and Data Security, Technology

In a prior post we noted a subtle but potentially far-reaching development in how federal prosecutors interpret the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. In that post we discussed the prosecution of Hammad Akbar for selling a software application that could be used to record file, text, or voice records on a mobile phone. The prosecution’s claim… Continue Reading

Prosecution of Retail Spyware App Publisher Raises Questions

Posted in Privacy and Data Security, Technology

On October 7, 2014, federal prosecutors in Virginia charged Hammad Akbar with manufacturing, advertising, and selling to retail customers a mobile phone spyware application called “StealthGenie.[1] In issuing this Indictment, the Government applied an old law to new circumstances, which raises a host of questions.   The Prosecution.  According to the Indictment, StealthGenie was marketed to… Continue Reading

*Can* You Monopolize a Coffee Cartridge Market?

Posted in Antitrust and Competition Policy, Lawsuits, Legal Developments, Technology

Introduction If you read our recent article discussing the allegations of monopolization in the replacement k-cup market, you may have detected a certain measure of skepticism about the antitrust claims’ potential for success. And you’d be correct. But does that skepticism extend to all aftermarkets? Do we mean to suggest that all aftermarket manufacturers are… Continue Reading

Surging Mobile Ad Revenues Signal Transformation in the Developing World

Posted in Media, Technology

Finally, here’s a little optimistic news on the horizon for developing nations. And, it comes from a traditionally unlikely source: media. Specifically, mobile media. Mobile media ad revenues are now growing at an unprecedented rate in virtually all developed nations as global, national and local marketers increasingly embrace these new technologies to stay in touch… Continue Reading

China’s Third Plenum: Reforms Affecting TMT

Posted in Legal Developments, Technology

On November 15, 2013, the Chinese Government released “A Decision on Major Issues Concerning Comprehensive and Deepening Reform” (Decision), a reform manifesto drafted at the Third Plenum of the 18th Party Congress held during November 9-12. Each Congress holds a series of Plenums and the Third Plenum of a new Congress historically has been associated… Continue Reading

Senator Marco Rubio Was Three for Five at Broadband Adoption Hearing

Posted in FCC, Technology

At the Senate hearing on broadband adoption yesterday, Senator Marco Rubio asked three essential questions. However, he could have asked two additional questions. After listening to testimony to the effect that broadband adoption stands at 70% in the US, Senator Rubio first asked how he could explain to his constituents why they should care about… Continue Reading

Should You Give Apple the Finger?

Posted in Privacy and Data Security, Technology

Apple released its annual iPhone upgrade, the 5S, today. Its most notable new feature is a fingerprint scanner built into the “home” button. Once the scanner “learns” a user’s fingerprint, that user can unlock their phone simply by touching the button, as well as purchase content from Apple’s e-stores without entering a password. For now,… Continue Reading

What’s Next for UberX in DC?

Posted in Administrative Law, Antitrust and Competition Policy, FTC, Legal Developments, Technology

Last month, the D.C. Taxicab Commission (DCTC) adopted new rules regarding permissible vehicle classifications and color requirements for “digital dispatch” / “sedan” services. These rules effectively block services like Uber’s recently-launched UberX from operating in the District. D.C.’s administrative law does not provide a mechanism for Uber to challenge those rules in court (at least… Continue Reading

Look Ma! No Hands—Introducing the Street Legal “Driverless” Vehicle

Posted in Technology

During the past decade, Carnegie Mellon University and General Motors Corp. established a Collaborative Research Lab relating to autonomous driving. This joint partnership is led by CMU Professor Raj Rajkumar. In November 2007 his team’s hard work paid dividends when they won first prize at the military-sponsored DARPA Urban Grand Challenge during which their robotized 2007 Chevy… Continue Reading

COPPA Compliance—Flags to the Rescue?

Posted in FTC, Privacy and Data Security, Technology

Several weeks ago I wrote about the Federal Trade Commission’s updated Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) Guidelines and potential unintended consequences with respect to the app marketplace. As I was airing my concerns, many industry participants were focused on the uphill battle to figure out how to comply with the new rules. As corporate compliance teams were… Continue Reading

Self-Policing Mobile Behavioral Advertising—The Only Viable Option?

Posted in FTC, Media, Privacy and Data Security, Technology

Recently, there has been increasing pressure from elected officials, regulatory agencies, consumers and industry groups to establish formal guidelines regulating behavioral advertising on mobile devices. Specifically, proponents of greater regulation are very interested in the implementation of opt-out mechanisms and formal consent processes to help protect consumers. Many years ago, similar concerns surfaced with respect to behavioral… Continue Reading

When Technology and Automation Go Rogue

Posted in Privacy and Data Security, Technology

Every year computer hackers and researchers attend the DefCon Computer Security Conference, which may be one of the most thought-provoking technology conferences around. At times, I am weary of being an early adopter of the latest and greatest technology available in the marketplace, especially when it may compromise my security. Based on this year’s conference, it… Continue Reading

Cable Nuptial Alert: Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable May Be Tying the Knot

Posted in Antitrust and Competition Policy, FCC, Technology, Transactions

You may have heard that Charter Communications has retained Goldman Sachs to line up financing for its possible merger with Time Warner Cable. What may not be obvious is that this merger could be a blessing in disguise for technology companies, as it has the potential to foster a competitive marketplace for television “Set Top… Continue Reading

Is Your Video Provider Watching You?

Posted in Legal Developments, Privacy and Data Security, Technology

Is privacy an issue we need to worry about? Americans are historically ambivalent, and we tend to turn a blind eye, trusting in our government and the market. Edward Snowden has challenged our trust in the government. What about the market? Below is our post that says something about the market. ___________________________________________________ Do you have… Continue Reading