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Retransmission Consent Reform—The “Must Haves” for Cable and Satellite Companies

Posted in FCC, Legal Developments

Retransmission consent refers to the system by which pay TV providers (principally cable and satellite companies, which for convenience we will call “CableCos” and which FCCers call MVPDs) pay broadcast TV stations to carry the programming they broadcast. Years ago the payments were marginal or non-existent. Today the payments are growing, in part because increasingly… Continue Reading

Silicon Valley Misses the Mark on Network Neutrality – Again

Posted in FCC, Legal Developments, Net Neutrality

We’ve said before that “network neutrality” is a red herring. The real bottleneck is the cable television set-top box (STB). Silicon Valley continues to argue with the FCC, and with Comcast, AT&T and Verizon, about network neutrality, while saying nothing about the STB. The Courts have twice struck down FCC action on network neutrality, saying… Continue Reading

What Technology Companies Can Expect from FCC Review of the Comcast – Time Warner Cable Merger

Posted in Antitrust and Competition Policy, FCC, Net Neutrality, Transactions

For a decade, technology companies have been prepared to unleash a wave of innovation related to how people consume cable television. The cable TV industry has generally blocked such efforts, and the FCC to date has largely sidestepped the issue. The competition authorities at the FCC and the DOJ will shortly begin reviewing the proposed… Continue Reading

Senator Marco Rubio Was Three for Five at Broadband Adoption Hearing

Posted in FCC, Technology

At the Senate hearing on broadband adoption yesterday, Senator Marco Rubio asked three essential questions. However, he could have asked two additional questions. After listening to testimony to the effect that broadband adoption stands at 70% in the US, Senator Rubio first asked how he could explain to his constituents why they should care about… Continue Reading

Cable Nuptial Alert: Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable May Be Tying the Knot

Posted in Antitrust and Competition Policy, FCC, Technology, Transactions

You may have heard that Charter Communications has retained Goldman Sachs to line up financing for its possible merger with Time Warner Cable. What may not be obvious is that this merger could be a blessing in disguise for technology companies, as it has the potential to foster a competitive marketplace for television “Set Top… Continue Reading